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2018 National Guild of Hypnotists Convention: Sharing the Vision 
August 10-12 2018 National Guild of Hypnotists
Best Western Plaza Hotel - Marlborough, Massachusett
Presenter:  George Toth August 12, 2018  Noon
Title:  Hypnotist or President of The United States

Hypnotist or President of the United States: ------Trump’s Powerful Success Strategies That Will Work for You

Seminar Abstract and Outline, George Toth, LCSW-R, CH, #311201, 8/12/18, Noon, 50 minutes

Introduction: I took a chance when selecting this topic knowing that it could be highly volatile, sensitive, and challenging. It is a hot topic. It is a cold topic. My thoughts and approach have changed many times during the past year, almost on a daily basis. As I began to hear about Donald Trump daily in the media, and hear news commentators interpret his actions, I soon began to discover that Donald Trump actually used many “Hypnotic Techniques” to get his point across to his audience. Media commentators began to describe him as being brilliant, dumb, honest, dishonest, moral, immoral, high character, low character, great leader, poor leader, clear, vague, narcissistic, non- narcissistic, among other things including a person with duel and / or multiple personalities. Was he a President or a Hypnotist?

Among the many factors that may influence a person’s developmental behavior, Trumps’ boarding school experience at New York Military Academy, (real, unreal, staged, or a movie set), and experience on Reality TV, “The Apprentice,” (Real, unreal, staged, or a movie set), may have influenced his future behaviors and life actions.

The following hypnotic technique areas have been identified and are presented for discussion:

  • Gestures: To reinforce suggestions (Discuss example of tv clip of a music conductor).
  • Volume: To reinforce words and messages (Varying high, low, fast slow, repetition).
  • Marketing: Subliminal, target populations, timing, location of issues, topic areas.
  • Reframing: Turn negative to positive, repeating of positive outcomes, bragging
  • Pacing and leading (builds trust, rapport, mental closeness to client and population)
  • Critical factor, verbal confusion, fake news, rapid induction
  • Introduction of new behavior pattern
  • Distinctive voice- tone, rhythm, delivery techniques
  • Using appropriate vocabulary {reprogram subconscious mind with positive suggestions}
  • Effective communication {state problem and reinforce with new response and follow-up reinforcement
  • Establish strategies and Power-bonding
  • Create image of trust, expectations, power, authority, control, competence
  • Anchoring: establish a point of reference, familiarity, and safety


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I’m Getting Older Now-------Sooooo?
Friday, Sept. 14, 2018. 10am – Noon
G. Toth and D. Underwood
Fee: $10

•    Now what?
•    And what?
•    If what?
•    Why not?
As my life changes and as I change in many ways, what do I look forward to, what do I take on, how will it be…………What do I notice about myself or others, in terms of their reactions to me?  What can I do to make it better or what am I doing that I can continue ………….or if not, do instead.  Is the glass half full or half empty?  This might be the most fulfilling workshop you may ever attend!


The Unknown World of Trees:  What They Feel, How They Communicate, and What They Determine About You!
Friday, Oct.-12, 2018. 10am – Noon
G. Toth and D. Underwood
Fee: $10

Trees are universal, symbolic, and a living connection to all life on Earth.  What we see above ground is just as important as what goes on underground.  Learn about how trees relate to each other and help each other.  Learn how trees adapt with and connect to all other forms of nature on Earth.  Learn what trees tell about you! This workshop will connect you to Nature in a new and exciting way…