What is Hypnosis


Hypnosis is a state of narrowed attention in which suggestibility is greatly heightened. It allows for change within thinking and allowing ways to approach old issues whether it be for reducing stress, pain, fear or old habits we want to change.  It is calming and restoring, providing a sense of balance to the mind and body.
Most people enter into hypnosis very easily, like a pleasant and naturally occurring day dream. You always have total control of your mind and body.


 Programs include

   * Smoking Cessation

   * Stress Reduction

   * Weight Management

   * Hypnofertility

   * Sports Management

   * Emotional Health/Fears

   * Pain Management

EMDR - Bilateral Hemisphere Stimulation is a six step process using eye movements that resemble the same REM (Rapid Eye Movements) that are experienced when we sleep. It is called HypnoWaving and reduces anxiety, pain, phobias and addictions. Very useful for PTSD as well. 

MDR - Hypno-Waving  Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing  involves left to right eye movement technique in conjunction with emotional issues which are reduced upon use of method.


EFR - Emotional Freedom Technique often known as Tapping. Known to reduce stress and be effective for PTSD and depression.


Meditation Training - Certified Meditation Facilitator accredited by National Guild of Hypnosis providing focus for meditation and visualization techniques helpful in developing self-hypnosis techniques.

Hypnosis and Infertility / Hypnosis and HypnoBirthing

book-eastburn1   book-eastburn2

Lynsi Eastburn’s program for HypnoFertility and HypnoBirthing encourages the fullest
Potential  to be realized for those men and women seeking to complete their family.
  Hypnosis addresses the stresses and feelings and mind/body/spirit
 experiences involved in seeking pregnancy and a healthy birthing process.

Two books of Lynsi Eastburn which provide thoughts and information on the protocols
Of HypnoFertility and HypnoBirthing are:  The 3 Keys to Conception Pregnancy Against
All Odds and It’s Conceivable.    Reading these 2 books is not only informative, but inspiring
And can assist in finding your path to the life you seek.  It can only be enhancing in that you
Can work to reduce stress and embrace serenity and balance which can lead to a healthier
Life in general.

Hypnosis and Sports

Hypnosis is for those who want or need a valuable tool for positive personal change.  It gives you a fast means for improving the quality of your life in many areas.  Hypnosis provides an entry into the world of realizing goals and dreams we seek in our daily lives.  Through the powerful merging of conscious and subconscious states of being we form a wholeness which leads to calm, focus and health.  

Special Programs offered:  
Hypnosis and Sports:  
The Inner Game of Tennis by T. W. Gallwey is recommended reading. The principles outlined in his book are universal.  Gallwey quotes from his book, “Not only can these inner skills have a remarkable effect on one’s forehand, backhand, serve and volley, but they are valuable in themselves and have broad applicability to other aspects of life.”

Olympic Gold Medalist, 2004, Natalie Coughlin, is quoted from the book, Golden Girl, by Michael Silver,  “ Athletes strive ahead way to the top---but forget asgawd their internal struggles against illness, injury, and the pressures of the sport.”

Noted golf expert and hypnotist, John Weir states “Stress negatively affects both the mind and body of athletes.”  The Golfer’s Guide to Mental Fitness speaks to this subject.
“Hypnosis is the perfect tool for assisting athletes in overcoming obstacles and achieving
Peak performance more consistently.”  “Athletes typically experience stress in one of 3 ways, cognitively, somatically, or behaviorally.

Fees according to individual session or package sessions available.