Frequently Asked Questions

When people hear about or see examples of hypnosis what are some of the questions that come up?
» What is hypnosis and will it take over or make me do things I don’t want to do or will I even know what is happening?

First, with hypnosis you will experience calm and relaxation. Hypnosis allows you to bypass the thinking or conscious state and allows you to go directly to the subconscious where emotions, memories and imagination lie.
There are 3 stages of depth or levels of the is hypnotic state, all of which are effective states of the subconscious. 
You will never do anything you do not want to do and you will be aware at all times what is happening and have confidence that you are always in control.   
Hypnosis is a state of narrowed attention in which suggestibility is greatly heightened. It allows for change within thinking and allowing new ways to approach old issues whether it be for reducing stress or pain or fear or old habits we want to change. 
With the help of a trained hypnotist and the confidence in being receptive to wellness beginning with your openness and receiving support you can make new pathways to balance and healthy life choices.

» What are Mari/Mandala Readings?

Mandala Assessment Research Instrument (MARI) as developed and intuited by Joan Kellog With Jungian transpersonal psychology framework and utilized in art therapy is an invaluable Method to discern one’s personality and focus on one’s individual path in life. 
Who are You? and where are You? and where are you going?

The MARI provides:
•    Enjoyable, non-threatening experience where the person/client has full autonomy
•    Allows individual to access their own intuitive guidance
•    Reveals strengths, insight, awareness visually through use of cards, symbols and the
•    Great Round, the mandala                                                                                                         

MARI is:
•     A creative assessment tool based on self-knowledge and intuition
•     Provides a visual picture of your psyche-both conscious and unconscious
•    Measures all 4 aspects of consciousness-thinking, feeling, sensing and intuiting
•    The only assessment that reflects the evolutionary perspective of self                

MARI/Mandala Readings

MARI Mandala readings can provide insight and intuitive knowledge about ourselves to surface so that we become able to divine the path we are to follow in life.
We can provide guidance and direction while welcoming in awareness of the future as we determine our journey in a clearer manner and focus.  It has to do with healing and clarity. 
Healing and clarity on all levels, emotional, physical, spiritual and mental.  
Images and symbols and colors and placement on a field or board i.s., the Great Round can help With guidance of each, the reader and the one seeking the reading, the reader and person themselves help understand things about themselves or see a path through to beyond where they are now.
Pain, depression, anxiety, concerns of all kinds can be alleviated as well as gaining insight about future courses of events stemming from the increased awareness and self-knowledge that is gained. 
We can outline future goals as well as move away from obstacles which past or present keep us from moving forward. 
The alternative approach by which Carl Jung incorporated mandalas and colors and cards of symbols to reveal our center of personality and to which our energy is attached and is a source allows us to make choices and define our strengths while understanding our weaknesses more fully.
MARI Mandala process involves use of symbols known as Mandalas to reveal inner truth and reality as I is. 
The process is one in which the reader works with the one receiving the reading so as to access guidance and knowledge of the life path, present and to come. Steps include:
1) Symbol/Mandala
2) 45 color cards
3) Stage
4) Relationship
5) Guidance Cards

Choices of symbols and colors and cards are intuitive.  Those who experience MARI describe it as client’s providing their own guidance and determine the work they can do for themselves to realize their present and future.
They gain new knowledge and understanding.  They can provide their own guidance and solutions to their lives.
The MARI answers so many questions one struggles with like the last piece of the puzzle snaps into place for some.  Amazing how clarity and focus allows for specific solutions.  Focus on healing occurs for those things most in need of as a person. Can understand one’s self. And can be like looking into one’s Soul.  Takes the guesswork and worry out of who we are and where we want to go. 
The simple act of coloring and drawing in the round, circle  mandala and picking a few cards can give such understanding of the subconscious and psyche within, places ourselves deep inner layers of being in front of us like a visual portrait of our psyche. We can consciously direct our life and know and allow more of what is to come, fully aware. This awareness is available directly to us and grows.

The MARI provides for clients
l-client reveals what they are comfortable sharing
2-client access their own intuitive guidance
The combination of reader and client working interactively to interpret and understand the knowledge intuited is genuine and powerful in becoming whole and feeling connected to ourselves and spirit and the world around us in a meaningful and aware and directive way to heal.