Seashell Therapy
Discover the Healing Power of the Sea
Psychotherapist from reality TV series American Chopper uses seashells as a stimulus to heal

Seashell Therapy

In his new celebrated book, Seashell Therapy, psychotherapist George Toth, LCSW-R, explains a seashell therapy technique that he developed and uses with clients, and as a self- help tool.  With more than 40 years of clinical social work practice, Toth understands body, mind, and spirit wellness.

This is an award winning book about using seashells as a therapeutic conduit, converting origins of sound, sight, touch, and spirit within the seashell, and transferring these elements to a healing influence.  Seashell Therapy provides you with a method to help discover and maintain wellness in your life.  Toth says, “With one or a bucket full of seashells, you can change your life.”
Toth recently presented the technique in a Community Education Course at the Desmond Campus of Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY.  The idea originated while vacationing on Long Beach Island, New Jersey, where gathering shells and visiting shell shops awakened his collecting interests.   He developed the seashell and ocean’s combined, natural, ancient, cultural, mythical, and magical properties into a therapeutic concept,  and presents it in this book.   Editors have acclaimed, “These ideas have a real potential to help people, and this is a valuable message that deserves to get to the marketplace.”  Toth received the prestigious Editor’s Choice and Rising Star Awards, for writing this book.

Seashell Therapy:  Discover the Healing Power of the Sea, by George Toth
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Number of pages:  108
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