Unlock Your Family's Hidden Messages

Marble Mindfulness
Have you lost your marbles? The question may imply that you are not thinking clearly, not making sense, or that your brain may need to be rewired. Marble Mindfulness explores the opposite of losing your marbles. It explains how marbles can be used to determine the reality in individual and family relationships.

Author George Toth, a therapist who has been using marbles as a diagnostic tool for more than forty years, provides a simple, step-by-step technique to interpret marbles and other small objects. Quick, creative, and accurate, this method will help you identify conscious and subconscious messages about strength of relationships, personality traits, feelings, beliefs, values, and place within the family or group.

In addition, Toth shows how marbles can be used as a tool for assessing and improving team sports performance, small business goals, and corporate functioning. With charts, instructions, and case studies included, Marble Mindfulness can assist you in unlocking hidden messages, gaining important insights about you and your family, and making plans for change.

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