Stop, Look and Listen
by Diana Underwood

Nature gives us the opportunity to reflect on our own wellbeing, as well as discover how our surroundings help to nurture us. Take time to stop, look and listen. Observe your natural environment. For example, examine a flower using all of your senses. Enjoy the beautiful flower's characteristics, as you connect with nature, connect with beauty and marvel at what you discover. When you do this you will enhance your connection with nature, beauty and wellness. You will be able to transcend into your own well-being, and have a greater sense of relaxation, calm and wonder of the universe.

Try the following:

  • Find a flower.
  • Examine its amazing construction. Check out the petals and stem and examine the structure, patterns and symmetry.
  • Notice the markings such as ribs, folds, thickness, texture, lines parts and size.
  • Observe the colors and how they are combined and matched.
  • Delight in the fragrance.
  • Discover its texture. It might be fleshy, stiff, dry, wet, soft or hard.
  • Acknowledge the feelings it creates for you. Perhaps you feel relaxed, calm, quiet or focused.

Stop, look, and listen to the beauty in your natural environment. You are at one with beauty and nature.

Diana Underwood is a licensed master social worker, certified MARI/Mandala practitioner and co-founder of Alternative Counseling based in Cornwall/New Windsor. She can be reached at 534-2980 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.