Inside Out: Find Your Passion
by George Toth

Have you ever done something that has never been done before? With about seven billion people in the world what can you do, what can you create, what can you solve that no one person has ever done before? The question may seem daunting at first. Can the wires in your brain connect in a unique way to invent new technology, develop a new song or solve an unsolved problem? The answer is yes.

We are all unique and therefore each one of us can be truly creative. Recognize your uniqueness and your passions as opportunities to seek your purpose. Exercise your mind. Stretch your thinking to the world around you. Let your inside out. Release the creative juices and pursue your purpose from inside your mind. Here are some suggestions to get started.

  • Find an unsolved problem and brainstorm ideas until you determine a solution
  • Using your five senses of hearing, seeing, touch, taste and smell, create a new sound, tune, art, sculpture, meal, story or game.
  • Do something unexpected and unique to you, from your heart, from your gut, from your mind, from your feeling, from your emotions or from your inner self.
  • Determine an unmet need and fill it.
  • Clear your mind, relax and have fun and then just experience what comes to you.

Now that your inside is out, enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. You have made a contribution. Appreciate the satisfaction for pursuing your purpose and tapping into your creativity and passion.

George Toth, licensed clinical social worker, and his partner, Diana Underwood, a holistic practitioner, are the owners of Alternative Counseling in Cornwall/New Windsor. He can be reached at 534-2980 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.