Hawaiian Healing
by Diana Underwood

Hawaiian culture and healing is a language of vibrations and feelings. In Hawaiian, emphasis is given to a word by repeating it. Lomilomi, which means 'energy shift' and 'thumb', is an ancient healing art which inspires an 'energy shift' within a person while raising the vibrations of everything and everyone that surrounds them. It focuses on discovering unity and harmony with the real self, spirit and mankind, along with happiness and gratitude.

The true meaning of 'aloha' is "may the breath of God be in your presence." Just saying the word 'aloha' invokes a higher vibrational frequency within the body, the temple lomilomi.

This modality physically addresses a person's emotional evolution and helps to release any emotional trauma that exists within the body to create peace and well-being on all levels. This energy shifting touch therapy treats the mind and body through the use of breath work and energy work. For instance, to shift within love, lomilomi encompasses:

  • Creating space -gently expanding body manually
  • "HA" breaths - releasing trauma through breath work
  • Head massage - releasing confusion and creating mental clarity
  • Laulima - laying on of hands
  • Kala'i - massaging calves and feet

Once a person has raised their vibrations into attunement within themselves, their lives become more balanced and harmonious. Share in this wisdom and healing of Hawaii and find new purpose and energy in your life.

Hawaiian traditions have been passed on orally and by direct practice through the generations. The awareness of the sacred flow of Hawaiian words carry healing, mystery, beauty and spiritual depth.

Diana Underwood, a licensed master social worker, offers lomilomi in her practice at Alternative Counseling. Her awareness of lomilomi stems from years of living and education Hawaii. She has studied directly under Hawaiian Kahuna, spiritual teacher and leader of the Halau school of Lomilomi Lap'au, Harry Uhane Jim. As a healer and psychotherapist, she embraces the healing touch of the Hawaiian islands. She can be reached at Alternative Counseling at 534-2980 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..