Find Your Superhero
by George Toth

We all need heros and heroines in our lives. We need them to look up to so that we can aspire to greater things. Heroes are often something bigger than life, larger than any one person, something to go beyond the self. Heroes often serve as the model of what we want to be. Heroes can represent a higher level of life and spirit. They take us out of our everyday lives and lead us to a place of hope and personal power. They motivate us to take charge and go forward with purpose. Heroes help us believe that we can make a change which can inspire us to help others.

How do you find your hero? Make a trip to the children's book section of a local bookstore -- the shelves are bursting with superheroes. For instance, consider Superman. Most people know that Superman stands for "truth, justice and the American way." He flies through the air to stop crime and save people with his superhuman strength. You'll find many other superheroes and what they stand for as well. The superheroes you discover may include:

  • Wonder Woman has strength and power and fights to protect those in need.
  • Batman fights crime in Gotham City and keeps the citizens safe.
  • Poison Ivy is a vigilante for the environment. She is immune to all toxins.
  • The Green Lantern keeps peace, order and justice in the universe. It is the highest honor and greatest responsibility.
  • Captain America is America's secret weapon committed to defending America's ideals.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man fights all evil.

Did you find your hero in the above list? Does it make you think about what kind of hero you want or need in your life? Or what kind of hero you might be to others? Heroes can be fictional, nonfictional, human animal, spiritual or historical. They can be a member of your family, a relative, a person in your workplace, neighborhood or community. Do you have a hero or heroine whom you know personally? What is it about your hero or heroine that you like? What traits do you they have that makes you feel safe and taken care of and leads you to a place of inspiration and courage in your own life?

It's worth thinking about, and the fact that you can be a hero or heroine to someone you know in your own life. Write down the characteristics or values that motivate you, the ones that give you energy and strength on all levels to move toward a place of power within yourself. Once you are aware of those qualities, it's time to emulate the superhero that you want to be. Then wow! Watch the changes in your life occur at a rate faster than light.

If you want to find the hero or heroine within yourself, let the power be with you.

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Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman and Poison Ivy are all characters copyrighted by DC Comics Captain America and Spider-Man are characters copyrighted by Marvel Comics.