Eat Well, Live Well and Love Well:

Why Do We Eat in the Way We Do?
by George Toth

Let's get to the heart of the matter about changing the way America eats. Why do we eat the way we do? We know that the mind and body are very closely connected. If we focus on our mind and not just on our food, we will change the way we eat.

Yes, we all need food for sustenance, but when our minds take over we often go beyond basic food needs. This is especially true in our fast paced, highly competitive and technologically challenging world of today.

When we change the way we use our mind, we can create healthy eating habits. A good way to start is by answering the question: Why do I eat the way I do? The answer is different for everyone so here are some questions that may help you identify the answer:

  • Is it to please myself?
  • Is it to prove my control over someone else?
  • Is it to hide the answer of who I really am or who I want to be?
  • Is it to sabotage myself or my goals?
  • Is it to assuage my fears?
  • Is it to fill up loneliness or boredom?
  • Is it to distance myself from what I do not want to feel?
  • Is it because I think I am not as good as others?
  • Is it because I don't know who I am?
  • Is it because I am lazy?
  • Is it because I want love?

When we can identify why we eat the way we do, we realize that the food that keeps us healthy in body is connected to our overall well-being. It is connected to our achieving and maintaining a balance in life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Eat well, live well and love well.

George Toth, licensed clinical social worker, and his partner, Diana Underwood, are the owners of Alternative Counseling in Cornwall/New Windsor. He can be reached at 534-2980 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..