Access Your Intuition with Personal Mandalas
by Diana Underwood

One of the most important aspects to think about in being healthy and bringing about change for healing is the ability to access your intuition. Intuition is a mysterious, powerful and subtle ability that everyone possesses and can develop. We are born with an innate capacity that exists within us. We can ignore it or follow it, neglect it or nourish it.

Intuition holds a high place in relation to our physical and spiritual well-being, our creative self-expression and our ability to understand ourselves, others and the experience of life itself. Intuition is not a function of our conscious mind. It is quick. It is without reasoning, without conscious attention. Intuition is a function that springs from a deeper source than the linear, rational mind. With our intuition, we can perceive the truth, we can recognize the real nature or true state of a person, a situation or ourselves. This perception and understanding is something that comes from within us. It is similar to instinct and reasoning.

One way to get in touch with our intuition is to create our personal mandalas. When we access our intuition we can find ourselves, determine who we are and what we re doing and search for the answer to the question, what is our purpose?

When creating personal mandalas, we experience ourselves through a visual portrait of the circle and its contents. With a mandala reading, we rediscover our capacity to perceive the truth within, create deep healing in our hearts, and feel a profound sense of coming home. This is what it feels like to experience our intuition.

Diana Underwood is a licensed master social worker, certified MARI/Mandala practitioner and co-founder of Alternative Counseling based in Cornwall/New Windsor. She can be reached at 534-2980 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.